Samsung S-Patch prototype demoed at CES

Samsung S-Patch

Samsung has been showing a number of products at this year’s CES. One of those especially caught our attention – the wearable S-Patch prototype, which uses the company’s newly announced Bio-Processor to track user’s vitals.

Said device reminds us on other patches we’ve seen in the past, featuring a inbuilt memory and Bluetooth connectivity to store and send data to connected devices. It is attached onto the user’s chest from where it can read the heart rate, sleep and activity in real-time. The data captured can then be viewed inside an app on a connected smartphone or tablet, from where it could be sent to the cloud so that a doctor or a trainer could access it.

It is unclear whether the S-Patch will be sold under the Samsung brand or the Korean giant will look to license the technology to other parties which in turn would offer it to healthcare providers and other organizations.

In the meantime, Sammy wants to sell as many Bio-Processor units as possible, and is looking left and right for the companies willing to play with this technology.

[Via: SamMobile]