TigerPage and TigerFax want to eliminate pagers and fax machines


Secure messaging service provider TigerText is looking to eliminate pager and fax technologies with two its newly announced services. Called TigerPage and TigerFax, these two products allow users to receive and respond instantly to pages and faxes from their smartphone, respectively. The communication on TigerText’s platform is secure and HIPAA-compliant, making it suitable for healthcare settings.

“We are intent on transforming healthcare communication and thus feel strongly that the first step is to get rid of these outdated technologies,” Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO and Co-Founder said in a statement. “As part of this effort we are also targeting other developers to leverage our TigerConnect API platform, to help them build solutions to replace faxing and paging. Healthcare remains the last bastion in corporate America that still relies on almost 2 million pagers which are inefficient and slow down delivery of care.”

With TigerPage, healthcare workers can get a pager number from TigerText, enabling their patients to leave a voice message or call back number which is then securely delivered to the recipient’s TigerText inbox. The service effectively eliminates the need to carry a pager and a phone, while enabling physicians to maintain their cell phone number’s privacy.

As for TigerFax, it enables doctors to send and receive faxes right from the TigerText app. Also, faxes can be routed to individuals or groups, while the status indicator confirms delivery. TigerFax supports a range of file types, including PDF, plain text, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Both TigerPage and TigerFax are available to TigerText users and TigerConnect developers.

In November 2015, TigerText has closed its most recent round of funding (Series C) totaling $50 million.