TigerFlow Enterprise

TigerText announces TigerFlow Enterprise communication platform

The platform aims to revolutionize the way care teams work and interact with patient data across the healthcare organization.
TigerText Role-based Scheduling Automation

TigerText launches Role-based Scheduling Automation

Automated role assignments and dynamic scheduling speed clinical communication among teams, enabling faster shift transitions and patient handoffs.

TigerConnect unveils HealthBot to automate tasks for healthcare companies

The solution provides auto-diagnoses, drug interaction alerts, medication reminders, answers to billing questions, appointment scheduling, and more.

TigerText integrates with SalesForce and Box, launches TigerConnect for Startups

Salesforce customers will soon be able to embed the TigerText messaging service in their Health Cloud portals, empowering HIPAA-compliant conversations.
TigerText pager use

Research: Pagers are less efficient, more expensive than secure messaging apps

Whereas an average paging service cost per device is $9.19 per month, the cost of secure messaging app stands at less than $5 per month.

TigerPage and TigerFax want to eliminate pagers and fax machines

TigerText's two products allow users to securely receive and respond instantly to pages and faxes from their smartphone, respectively.

TigerText closes $50M Series C for its messaging solution

The company also released a suite of new tools for seamless communication on any platform and any device, even in areas with poor network connectivity.