TigerConnect unveils HealthBot to automate tasks for healthcare companies


TigerText, which we know for their TigerConnect solution, has unveiled HealthBot, an encrypted, custom-branded, HIPAA-compliant messaging application that can be embedded into a web page or mobile app to help automate a range of tasks, driving organizational efficiencies and lowering overall costs.

HealthBot relies on TigerConnect’s secure messaging platform, structured conversations, and natural language processing to free support representatives from wasting time on repetitive, routine information gathering so they can focus on more advanced tasks related to a patient’s needs. The solution provides patients with a familiar chat window from where they can schedule appointments, inquire about a drug’s side effects, or receive reminders to take their medication.

“With healthcare costs expected to rise a staggering 5.8% every year over the next decade, the industry is in dire need of solutions that can help lower costs and drive efficiencies,” Itamar Kandel, President of TigerConnect, said in a statement. “Messenger bots offer huge upside for both patients and care providers by empowering millions of patients to permanently hang up the phone, and embrace a new path to instant answers.”

HealthBot is well suited for a range of clients, including healthcare providers which keep struggling with support services, large pharmaceutical companies and retail drug chains, and insurance companies that could use it to automate answers to common questions related to claims, coverage, or premiums.

TigerText’s smart messaging bot is generally available today. The company provides developers with a suite of tools, documentation, and API access that makes it easy to embed the HealthBot into virtually any website or mobile app.