pMD Secure Messaging app

pMD updates its Secure Messaging app with new communication features

The app lets patients contact their practice directly and allows multiple providers to group message with a patient, increasing collaboration among care teams.
TigerFlow Enterprise

TigerText announces TigerFlow Enterprise communication platform

The platform aims to revolutionize the way care teams work and interact with patient data across the healthcare organization.
MedDialog steps

TELUS Health’s MedDialog enables seamless doctor-to-doctor communications across Canada

The technology promises to deliver more efficient clinical practice and better patient care while ensuring that all communication history remains within the digital chart.
mPulse messaging service

mPulse, Harvard Medical School to study the impact of SMS programs on Medicaid members

Researchers aim to assess effectiveness of interactive text messages in encouraging disease management and primary care visits with Gold Coast Health Plan.

Healthgrades’ CareChats aims to automate patient-provider communication between visits

The solution enables hospitals and providers to engage and support patients using text and email messaging in a chatbot-like conversational experience.
Medici messaging app

Medici launches messaging app to connect providers and patients

The HIPAA-compliant app, available on iOS and Android, makes life easier for both parties, providing hassle-free communication while on-the-go.
TigerText Role-based Scheduling Automation

TigerText launches Role-based Scheduling Automation

Automated role assignments and dynamic scheduling speed clinical communication among teams, enabling faster shift transitions and patient handoffs.

Henry Ford Health System, VisionIT launch mHealth communication tool CareTrail

CareTrail is a mobile application that promises to dramatically improve the way clinicians collaborate with one another.

Molina taps CareSpeak for two-way health messaging

The text messaging program is designed to help patients, taking medications regularly, stay on their therapy.

TigerConnect unveils HealthBot to automate tasks for healthcare companies

The solution provides auto-diagnoses, drug interaction alerts, medication reminders, answers to billing questions, appointment scheduling, and more.