TigerText announces TigerFlow Enterprise communication platform

TigerFlow Enterprise

Secure messaging service provider TigerText has announced TigerFlow Enterprise, a new clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform which — according to the company — is set to “revolutionize the way care teams work and interact with patient data across the healthcare organization.”

The solution is designed to support the functionality needed to automate and deliver system information across the last mile of care, addressing the advanced needs of care organizations through embedded workflow communications.

TigerFlow Enterprise allows care organizations to solve specific outcomes centered around resource optimization, faster transitions of care, fewer medical errors, and higher patient and provider satisfaction. It integrates with various EHR systems, enables management of a wide range of clinical alerts, and supports placing of calls using integrated VoIP technology.

Some of the clients who have already tried the new offering love it. For instance, Southwest New Jersey-based Kennedy Health has experienced reductions in readmission rates of 22.2% for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) cases and 8.8% for cases of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). And Valhalla, New York-based Westchester Medical Center saw similar results with an average reduction of 13.3 minutes in transport time between facilities while providing charge nurses with advanced warning of incoming transfers in a more efficient way than with phone calls or pages.

Specifically, TigerFlow Enterprise aims to solve the so called “last mile” problem in healthcare, namely the information gap between landlocked EHRs, audible-based bedside monitoring equipment, admissions, discharges, and transfers (ADT) systems, scheduling systems, desktop IP phone systems, and the place where care is actually administered – at the bedside.

“We developed the capabilities in TigerFlow Enterprise to tackle the most vexing communication challenges hindering Healthcare today,” Brad Brooks, co-founder and CEO of TigerText, said in a statement. “The EHRs aren’t going to solve this problem. The real solution requires a full-scale, outcome-oriented clinical communication platform with purpose-built features that make it instant and effortless for hospital staff to communicate and access patient data at the point of care.”

One part of TigerFlow Enterprise, EHR Connect, is made to provide a bridge between system data and the smartphone, surfacing it through a feature-rich, easy-to-use app experience that allows hospitals to extract substantial, incremental value from their massive EHR investments at a tiny fraction of the cost. It is available for practically any EHR system, including Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts, and others.

The other module, Clinical Alerting, channels notifications for three key alert types: Nurse call, patient monitoring and lab results. Users can set rules to intelligently funnel different alert types to the appropriate physician, nurse or allied health professional where they can assess and act on the given alert. For instance, vital signs from bedside monitoring equipment that deviate beyond normal ranges will immediately trigger detailed alerts to the appropriate nurse, while critical lab results can quickly be acknowledged by physicians through the app interface.

Finally, TigerFlow Enterprise also features the voice calling technology that was built to adapt to the complex and multifaceted landscape of healthcare IT. It supports (TigerText) app-to-app calls, calls between the TigerText app and PBX system, integration with Nurse Call systems, calling from a role (e.g. On-Call Cardiologist), calls from within the TigerText phone app, as well as video calls between clinicians.

TigerFlow Enterprise is currently available in beta to customers and prospects. Interested parties are invited to call TigerText to, as they say, “start planning a path toward a more streamlined organization.”