Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging unveiled

Nuance AI Algorithm Loop

Nuance Communications unveiled the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging, saying it is the first open platform for developers, data scientists and radiologists to accelerate the development, deployment, and adoption of AI for medical imaging.

The AI Marketplace unlocks the power of artificial intelligence for all radiologists, 70 percent of whom in the U.S. already use Nuance’s PowerScribe radiology reporting and PowerShare image exchange network. The service enables radiologists to quickly analyze medical imaging by readily accessing a wide array of algorithms trained on the huge volumes of imaging data, and then integrate them into their day-to-day workflow. It does this by providing radiologists and data scientists with the ability to define, build, publish and improve imaging algorithms, accelerating their creation and the adoption of imaging AI.

The Nuance AI Marketplace is designed to be a prime source for imaging algorithms that augment the capabilities of radiologists and provide rapid, open access to the industry’s most advanced research. It has been created with support of Nuance’s partners, including NVIDIA, the American College of Radiology, Ohio State University, Lunit, Radlogics, Aidence and Teracon.

“The AI Marketplace will make accessible a global, continuously expanding set of trusted and clinically useful AI algorithms that integrate directly into the existing workflow of thousands of radiologists,” Karen Holzberger, Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare Diagnostics at Nuance, said in a statement. “This will help radiologists focus their skill and expertise where it will have the greatest impact — on improving patient care — while improving productivity, efficiency and outcomes.”

Through the Nuance AI Marketplace, technology partners can deploy their algorithms into the PowerShare Network, a cloud-based platform for accessing and sharing imaging data across organizations, desktops and mobile devices. The algorithms can then easily be selected and accessed through the Nuance PowerScribe reporting platform in a radiologist’s daily workflow, without having to acquire new reporting or image sharing systems or change their preferred workflow.