Tackling tuberculosis screening with AI

Using AI for tuberculosis screening

Diagnosing TB early is difficult because its symptoms can mimic those of common respiratory diseases.
Ambra Health app

Ambra Health’s new mobile app provides instant access to medical images

The app lets users effortlessly view imaging from anywhere, scroll through a series, and utilize radiology tooling like zooming, pinching, and rotating.
Nuance AI Algorithm Loop

Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging unveiled

The company says this is the first open platform for developers, data scientists and radiologists for development and adoption of AI for medical imaging.
medical imaging

Google partners with key players to advance medical imaging

Among the companies using the search giant's services are Change Healthcare, Dicom Systems, Kanteron Systems and Zebra Medical Vision.
Tissue Analytics wound tracking app

Intermountain to implement Tissue Analytics’ wound tracking app

Tissue Analytics' advanced imaging technology is designed to help clinicians measure, track and derive the rate at which the wound is healing.
Intermountain taps Zebra Medical Vision

Intermountain taps Zebra Medical Vision for deep learning imaging analytics

Zebra-Med's machine learning based Analytics Engine will provide automated imaging insights to enhance clinical workflow.
MedyMatch - IBM Watson Health

MedyMatch, IBM Watson Health to use cognitive imaging tech to identify head trauma and...

Initially, IBM Watson Health's Imaging group will distribute the MedyMatch brain bleed detection app globally through its vendor neutral sales channels.
Zebra Medical Vision - Profound

Zebra’s Profound allows anyone to get analysis of their medical scan from the web

The service allows users to receive analysis highlighting the presence of Osteoporosis, Compression Fractures, Fatty Liver, Coronary Calcium, Emphysema, and Aortic Aneurysms.
IBM Watson Health

Watson Health Medical Imaging Collaborative aims to bring cognitive imaging into daily practice

The initiative is comprised of more than 15 leading health systems, academic medical centers, ambulatory radiology providers and imaging technology companies.
Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision gets $12M in a round led by InterMountain Healthcare

The company will use the funds to accelerate the development of its imaging analytics engine and create neural networks that will use its vast imaging dataset.