Google’s DeepMind Health will use AI to advance healthcare

DeepMind Health

Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence (AI) group unveiled its health-focused division, DeepMind Health, which aims to “support clinicians by providing the technical expertise needed to build and scale technologies that help them provide the best possible care to their patients.”

The initiative is already working with multiple health care organizations, including National Health Service and the Royal Free Hospital London in the United Kingdom. In collaboration with the latter group, DeepMind Health has built a mobile app called Streams that doctors and nurses can use to diagnose acute kidney injury.

DeepMind Health is also working with a clinical task-management app called Hark that was developed by two people affiliated with Imperial College London.

“We want to see the NHS thrive and we believe that by listening to and being led by clinicians themselves, we can deliver groundbreaking technology,” Google says. “Our hope is that through a focus on patient outcomes, effective oversight, and the highest ethical principles, we can achieve great results for the NHS and everyone who depends on it.”

The DeepMind group has recently revealed an AI program that managed to beat a champion player of the ancient Chinese board game Go. It’s unclear how Google will use artificial intelligence to advance healthcare, though. We’ll be watching this space and get back to you as soon as we have something new to report about it. Stay tuned…

[Via: VentureBeat]