Cohero Health and Presspart Group launch a connected metered dose inhaler


After a few years in development, Cohero Health and Presspart Group — a division of the German based Heitkamp & Thumann Group — announced the completion of their connected metered dose inhaler (eMDI).

The eMDI incorporates electronics into a medication inhaler to passively track and communicate medication utilization. The device’s built-in sensors track the date and time when medication is actuated, which is then stored in onboard memory, and shared wirelessly via Bluetooth. It works with Cohero Health’s platform of connected devices and mobile applications, which actively engage and empower respiratory patients by tracking medication adherence and measuring lung function.

“Our eMDI is the natural evolution of our external medication sensors (HeroTrackers), and represents an exciting opportunity to better monitor adherence and quality of medication delivery, ultimately enabling improved medication use and prevention of avoidable exacerbations,” Cohero Health CEO, Melissa Manice, PhD MPH, said in a statement.

Beyond tracking the time and date of medication use, the device also supports electronic dose counting, while its modular design enables it to be easily applied to additional form factors. Also, it is compatible with any valve and canister.

The eMDI represents an advancement of the Cohero Health platform, which is already the first and only respiratory disease management platform to offer tracking of both controller and rescue medications, along with clinically accurate lung function measurement via an FDA cleared mobile spirometer.

The eMDI is available for commercialization, and the companies are currently in development with a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Cohero is not the only company working on a connected dose inhaler; two other notable players in this space are Adherium and Propeller Health.