HealthPrize study shows 99% reduction in prescription refill gap days

HealthPrize chart

HealthPrize Technologies unveiled promising results of a small study involving patients enrolled in its digital engagement and adherence platform, and who are taking a branded cholesterol-lowering medication. Said platform combines education, gamification, concepts from behavioral economics, and incentives to inspire behavior change and is highly customized per brand and disease state.

HealthPrize measured refill behavior for 1,085 patients participating in the study with comparison being made of pre- vs. post-enrollment in which patients served as their own controls. This, according to the company, allowed for a direct assessment of how the HealthPrize platform changed individual adherence behavior.

HealthPrize’s platform combines education, gamification, concepts from behavioral economics, and incentives.These patients, on average, completed 13.8 fills pre-enrollment and 5.0 fills post-enrollment, as measured early in the course of the program. The adherence measure was “gap days,” or days late to refill, representing days without medication on hand.

Mean pre-enrollment gap days were 8.81 and mean post-enrollment gap days were 0.06, representing a 99% reduction in number of gap days, which serve as an early sign of behavior change.

“What’s most impressive is the speed with which patients decreased their number of gap days upon joining HealthPrize,” Tom Kottler, HealthPrize CEO and Co-Founder, said in a statement. “This cohort represents an already reasonably persistent group, but even in this group our platform significantly improved refill behavior, as the program is focused on motivating patients towards more timely refills — arguably the most important adherence behavior. We were able to turn good patients into great patients.”

And this is just a start with additional adherence measures in the form of MPR or PDC expected to be possible as the program progresses.

HealthPrize has a strong focus not only on day-to-day adherence, but also on timely and repeated refills, which are key to the longer-term persistence required for better health outcomes. In addition, all prescription fills are verified for each patient in the program, allowing for accurate, timely adherence tracking.