StartUp Health launches Longevity Moonshot, invests in Human Longevity, Inc

StartUp Health

StartUp Health is launching Longevity Moonshot, a mission to extend and enhance healthy life by more than 50 years and change the face of aging. The initiative comes on the heels of StartUp Health’s investment in Human Longevity, Inc (HLI), which is the genomics-based, technology-driven company led by co-founder and CEO J. Craig Venter, PhD. HLI also happens to be the 140th company to join StartUp Health’s Academy for Healthcare Transformers.

“Aging is the biggest risk factor for every significant human disease,” Steven Krein, co-founder and CEO of StartUp Health, said in a statement. “We are excited to be launching The Longevity Moonshot with Human Longevity, Inc. as the founding partner because we believe that together we can inspire a global community of Healthcare Transformers to join our mission to extend and enhance a healthy lifespan and ultimately improve the health of billions. By collaborating as a networked community, we can change the face of aging forever.”

StartUp Health will be announcing additional moonshots later this the year.The StartUp Health Longevity Moonshot is the first moonshot that StartUp Health is organizing for its community of Healthcare Transformers to focus on, with additional moonshots set to be announced later in the year. StartUp Health is already working to support the White House Cancer Moonshot and The Cancer Moonshot 2020.

HLI is developing and applying large scale computing and machine learning to make novel discoveries to revolutionize the practice of medicine. The company’s business also includes the HLI Health Nucleus, a genomic powered clinical research center which uses whole genome sequence analysis, clinical imaging and machine learning, along with curated personal health information, to deliver the most complete picture of individual health.

“Our goal is to solve diseases of aging by changing the way medicine is practiced,” Dr. Venter, co-founder and CEO of HLI, said in a statement. “Having the opportunity to actively network and engage with other innovators with the same mission will help us all revolutionize healthcare.”