MouthWatch unveils teledentistry solution

MouthWatch teledentistry

MouthWatch, which we know for their mobile-connected intraoral camera, is expanding into telehealth to create what they say is the “world’s first turnkey and fully integrated teledentistry system” called MouthWatch TeleDent.

“TeleDent provides the platform for a dentist or hygienist to consult visually with patients in distant locations and evaluate their oral health conditions in real-time or at their convenience via web browser,” the company founder and CEO Brant Herman said in a statement. “TeleDent allows teledentistry to be introduced without major investment in hardware or software development, and lets providers expand their reach to patients without the need to build out more operatories or hire more staff.”

Using TeleDent, providers can offer both asynchronous (or “store and forward”) evaluations and live video conferencing, including both radiographic and intraoral images.

While telehealth has been effective in improving care and treatment across a range of medical specialties, teledentistry has been slow to arrive due to (obvious) limitations — it’s not that easy nor convenient to look into one’s mouth from a distance. MouthWatch is looking to solve this with its affordable intraoral camera and the complete system that moves data from the patient to the web in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

According to MouthWatch’s press release, 1 in 7 Americans has limited access to dental care.