Your.MD’s OneStop Health uses AI to help users find health products and services

YourMD - OneStop Health

Your.MD keeps making its service available to more users. After launching on Slack and Telegram, the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Personal Health Assistant can now be accessed on Facebook Messenger and WeChat, as well.

The company has also unveiled OneStop Health, a new service that enables users to find relevant public and private health services and products to help them get better faster; the service will help users with a range of services from understanding their symptoms to finding the best treatment — all via a chatbot.

Described as the final element of Your.MD’s 3-step service, OneStop Health enables people to get answers to these three questions:

Your.MD is now available on Facebook Messenger and WeChat.1. What’s wrong with me?
2. What’s the most likely solution?
3. What services are available to help me get better?

“Our OneStop Health is an integral part of our vision; if you can’t get to your doctor or need to get a blood test, a prescription or make an appointment to see the best local specialist, Your.MD can facilitate it – safely and responsibly by connecting you to the best service providers and products who can help you get what you need,” Matteo Berlucchi, Your.MD’s chief executive, said in a statement.

Initially, the service is focused on five key areas, including prescription medicines, mental health, telemedicine, specialist services from the NHS, and integration with other self-care apps. As such, it is made to fill a gap in the market for a one-stop-shop where people can go to find health service providers and products that are relevant to their unique circumstances.

OneStop Health launches with several services already integrated. One of them is HealthExpress, which will provide Your.MD customers with an online clinic that, following a free remote consultation with a doctor, can dispense online prescriptions with free next-day delivery service in the UK (or same day for London). Another service, PlusGuidance, will provide a 24-hour on-demand service for patients with mental health issues via video call, messaging and in-person. In Scandinavia, Your.MD users will also be able to have a remote consultation with an experienced healthcare professional via HelseTelefonen. Finally, Daily Yoga has also integrated its wellbeing app to provide yoga training, with various additional services set to be added in the near future.

As a company, Your.MD has global ambitions. In September of last year, it acquired to expand to the Arabic speaking world.