Kurbo adds support for Fitbit devices to enable automatic health & fitness tracking

Kurbo app with Fitbit integration

The mobile health coaching platform Kurbo is integrating with Fitbit to make it easier for its teen and adult users to track their exercise and weight statistics in the Kurbo app.

Starting this week, Kurbo app users with a Fitbit fitness tracker, Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, or the Fitbit app will be able to automatically log their health and fitness stats, including exercise duration and weight, in the Kurbo app. This integration also enables Kurbo’s personal health coaches to provide more personalized guidance to users and more effectively monitoring their program progress.

Kurbo is specifically designed for children, teens and families to help them lose weight and develop smarter eating habits. The service assigns personal health coaches to users to help them set and accomplish nutrition and exercise goals; and this approach apparently works with nine in 10 of program participants reporting to lose weight.

“By integrating Fitbit’s open API into our app, we have made it that much easier for our teen and adult users who enjoy wearables to track their progress,” Kurbo CEO and co-founder Joanna Strober said in a statement. “It also ensures we have accurate health and activity tracking data in our system to provide useful feedback to our customers.”