Garmin unveils new wearable and cycling apps

Garmin apps

Garmin unveiled several new apps, data fields and watch faces available for Garmin users to download from its Connect IQ Store. Connect IQ — which is an open platform for third-party developers to create content for Garmin wearables, bike computers and outdoor handhelds — lets users customize their Garmin device to “reflect their unique personalities and needs.” Since its inception two years ago, there have been more than 20 million Connect IQ app downloads to the more than 3 million compatible devices that have shipped around the world.

“Just as each Garmin user is unique, so are all of the apps available through Connect IQ,” Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales, said in a statement. “We’re excited to launch these new apps as we continue to integrate data from brands and developers and grow the Connect IQ store to make customizing your Garmin device both useful and fun.”

One of the newest apps for Connect IQ is UBER ETA by Garmin that shows the estimated time of the driver’s arrival directly on the Garmin wearable. Also, the app will provide the driver’s name, make and model of the car, license plate and guidance (direction and distance) to the pick-up location.

Other new Connect IQ apps for wearable devices include Stryd IQ that displays data from a Stryd foot-mounted power meter onto a Garmin wearable, Strava Live Suffer Score, and an update to the AccuWeather Edge MinuteCast Minute-by-Minute widget that provides the user with the most accurate hyper-local, by-the-minute precipitation forecasts for their active lifestyle.

The Connect IQ Store can be found at or in the device tab of Garmin Connect. It can also be found in the device page of Garmin Express, or the More section of Garmin Connect Mobile.