Dimension Data’s Clinical Mobility Solution aims to improve patient safety and caregiver efficiency

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Dimension Data announced its Clinical Mobility Solution to improve healthcare patient safety and caregiver efficiency, while minimizing institutional operating expenses. The solution enables organizations to more effectively integrate mobility across their operations and infrastructure for a wide range of applications and use cases, including:

  • Alert and alarm management – with, for example, critical lab results or respiratory alarm notifications pushed out to targeted healthcare staff on their devices at hand for immediate action.
  • Medication management – enabling providers, for example, to scan medication barcodes and instantly cross-reference patient records to ensure a drug won’t cause an adverse reaction.
  • Clinical decision support – securely putting caregivers in contact with other reputable sources, including specialists and colleagues in different locations.
  • Directory services – so hospital staff can click on names, rather than dialing extensions, and immediately connect with colleagues on the devices they’re carrying.
  • Electronic health record access – ensuring timely and consistent access to critical patient data.

“Our new Clinical Mobility Solution and flexible approach to technology innovation have helped improve patient outcomes and provider efficiencies, while saving our clients money,” Jason Brandt, director of Dimension Data’s healthcare practice, said in a statement. “We bring executive leadership, technology leadership and clinical leadership together to make sure everyone — especially the patient — benefits.”

In the other news, Dimension Data is also debuting a new interface for its popular Virtual Patient Observation (VPO) solution. The VPO offering includes high-definition surveillance technology, on-demand video interaction, care unit mobilization and, now, an intuitive, patient-centric interface.