MDLIVE unveils new platform, revamped mobile apps

MDLIVE for iPhone

Telehealth service provider MDLIVE unveiled its new mobile platform designed to enhance the user experience for both consumers and clinicians. The mobile apps have also been revamped with MDLIVE’s iPhone app boasting native iOS human interface and Android app — the material design principles.

“At MDLIVE, we’ve made a commitment to provide the most user-centric platform for health plans and health systems nationwide to serve our more than 20 million patients and a large, national network of over 1,800 board-certified doctors and therapists with a seamless, intuitive virtual consultation user experience,” Scott Decker, CEO of MDLIVE, said in a statement.

As part of the new design launch, the company conducted user testing against a benchmark competitor’s consumer-facing mobile app. Tests revealed the MDLIVE mobile design, functionality and usability were favored with 9 out of 10 users preferring the MDLIVE Mobile app, and 70 percent saying they would recommend MDLIVE to their friends or colleagues.

The MDLIVE Mobile app also includes several new features for consumers and providers.

In addition to sporting a new interface, the consumer-facing app also includes streamlined onboarding to encourage adoption; easy information retrieval for returning consumers; dynamic cards to showcase new messages and enable consumers to manage upcoming appointments; new menu and prominent location of “Find a Provider” to draw attention to key features; and contextual content to encourage consumers to update their health records.

Providers got their updates as well, including modular design that allows healthcare systems to mix and match features or to incorporate components from other internal systems such as EHRs to fit their needs; full SDK to embed one or more MDLIVE modules inside an existing app; and full theming customization to enable for white label development for partners.

In addition to medical consultations, the MDLIVE Mobile app will also support the MDLIVE Behavioral Health service offering by providing a single sign-on for both medical and behavioral health needs.

The new MDLIVE Mobile app is now available for iOS through the iTunes App Store, and will be available for Android through Google Play by March 31.