MAP, Lief Therapeutics team-up to track anxiety in Substance Use Disorder patients

MAP Health Management LLC Lief Device

MAP Health Management have announced a strategic partnership with Lief Therapeutics to address elevated anxiety levels in people with addiction who are served by MAP’s patient engagement ecosystem. Lief Therapeutics is the creator of the smartphone-connected Lief Smart Patch, a biosensing wearable device that monitors heart and breath rates to identify anxiety levels and can provide biofeedback exercises to aid in reducing anxiety.

The partnership will launch with a pilot program next month wherein 50 individuals currently engaged with MAP and who have a history of anxiety issues will begin using the Lief Smart Patch. MAP will migrate data collected by the patch into its data store, where it will be leveraged to support early relapse identification and care coordination.

The goal of the pilot is to understand how identifying early-onset and elevated anxiety in individuals with Substance Use Disorder can help improve clinical outcomes through enabling better access to care precisely when it is needed. The two parties will then present population level findings to insurance carriers and health systems.

“We believe that elevated anxiety is a leading indicator of a potential return to substance use,” Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, said in a statement. “The Lief Smart Patch is going to enable us to get actionable data in real-time to change the trajectory and affect a better outcome.”

The Lief Therapeutics strategic partnership is the fourth announced by MAP in recent months; MAP is generally recognized as having the most robust risk identification and data reporting environment related to addiction in the country.