PlushCare’s Lemur is apparently the first-ever EMR for the telehealth industry


Direct-to-consumer online urgent care provider PlushCare launched Lemur, which is reportedly the first ever electronic medical record (EMR) for the telehealth industry. The platform promises to revolutionize virtual health through its physician-driven design that enables smarter, more meaningful interactions between physicians and patients. Lemur streamlines cumbersome physician tasks and consolidates data across a siloed healthcare landscape, to provide both physicians and patients with the information they need at the time of care.

“Traditional EMRs available detract from the overall patient experience and greatly limit physicians’ ability to connect on a personal level with their patients,” Dr. James Wantuck MD, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of PlushCare, said in a statement. “Lemur bridges the gap by lifting the technological burden off of physicians more than any other EMR by placing all necessary patient information at their fingertips, creating the most human way to visit the doctor.”

The cloud-based and HIPAA compliant platform, Lemur is said to require the fewest clicks in the industry to complete tasks such as writing a note, sending a prescription (eRx), ordering labs with full price transparency and reviewing lab results. PlushCare has collaborated with Surescripts, Eligible, and Elsevier, among others, whose capabilities are integrated into Lemur, further simplifying physicians’ tasks and affording them more time to focus on the patient directly.

With Lemur, PlushCare not only connects patients with same-day medical care through mobile and desktop devices, but also elevates the patient experience and overall satisfaction. At the same time, PlushCare physicians benefit from a streamlined workflow.

“Not only does PlushCare deliver a WOW healthcare experience to consumers, but we’ve also taken massive strides towards breaking down the data silos to become the one, true patient health information repository,” added Ryan McQuaid, co-founder and CEO of PlushCare.

PlushCare currently utilizes 50 active physicians and has over a hundred physician applicants on their waitlist. The company is now active in 16 states with plans for additional state rollouts in the near future.