Lose It!’s embodyDNA launched as the first in-app DNA-based weight loss plan


Popular weight loss app Lose It! is expanding its offering with the launch of embodyDNA, the first DNA-based weight loss plan to give actionable, personalized results through an interactive in-app experience. Developed in collaboration with personal genomics company Helix, the new feature offers customized recommendations on food/beverage consumption and physical activities.

Users start by visiting a dedicated website from where they can order an embodyDNA kit for a one-time cost of $189.99. Then they mail in their saliva sample to Helix which reads their DNA and Lose It! translates the data into insights, delivering them to the user directly in the Lose It! app along with personalized weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and food sensitivity recommendations. embodyDNA also identifies patterns in users’ Lose It! history and provides feedback on their recorded behaviors to optimize their daily habits and reach their weight loss goals.

“Given that nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, we are excited about the potential that embodyDNA has to help millions of people lose weight and maintain healthy behaviors that work for them,” Lose It! CEO and cofounder Charles Teague said in a statement. “We are proud to be a part of Helix’s revolutionary online marketplace for DNA-powered products, and excited to bring this new technology to our millions of users.”

Last year, Lose It! launched Snap It, a tool that uses machine learning to identify food and corresponding nutritional information from a photo. Now, with the launch of embodyDNA, the service will deliver an even more personalized path to weight loss success.

As for Helix, its newly launched marketplace will host a diverse range of DNA-powered products focused on health, fitness, nutrition, family, ancestry and entertainment.