Azumio adds DNA-based insights into its Calorie Mama AI app

Calorie Mama AI app - DNA enhanced

Health and fitness platform Azumio introduced full-exome DNA-based insights into its Calorie Mama AI app, which uses a smartphone’s camera to simplify calorie and nutrition tracking through food image recognition. It also automatically tracks physical activity, and provides meal and workout plans for weight loss.

The new feature was made possible through a collaboration with personal genomics company, Helix; it will allow users to have their DNA sequenced, and incorporate genetic insights based on findings from peer-reviewed scientific studies to gain a deeper understanding of their body and its unique needs. These insights, combined with the new DNA-based nutrition and workout plans, will empower users to reach their personal nutrition and fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

Among the new DNA-based insights that will be included are those related to BMI predisposition, Omega-3 fatty acid needs, the effects of saturated fat and sugary beverages on body weight, gluten sensitivity, muscle type and strength, aptitude for power versus endurance activities, and risk of ACL and other sports injuries.

“Our vision for Calorie Mama AI is to usher in the next generation of personal wellness apps that would make healthy living easier than ever before,” Tom Xu, Co-founder of Azumio, said in a statement. “By adding genetic insights we provide an additional layer of personalization to ensure that every user receives an experience that is as unique as they are.”

Calorie Mama AI’s DNA-based insights are available on the newly launched Helix marketplace, along with a range of other DNA-powered products.

To get started, users visit to purchase Calorie Mama AI’s DNA-based personalized meal and workout plans for $189, which includes a saliva collection kit and one-time DNA sequencing cost of $80. Once the saliva sample is returned, Helix reads the DNA, while Azumio translates the data and delivers the insights to the user in the Calorie Mama AI app.

Existing Helix customers who have already been sequenced, can instantly access genetic insights and DNA-based meal and workout plans through Helix or the Calorie Mama AI app for an annual subscription fee of $99.

The Calorie Mama AI app works on iOS and Android-based devices; DNA-based insights are currently only supported on iOS, and will be available soon on the Android platform.