Calorie Mama AI app - DNA enhanced

Azumio adds DNA-based insights into its Calorie Mama AI app

The app will lets users sequence their DNA so they could gain a deeper understanding of their body and its unique needs.
Calorie Mama

The Calorie Mama app can easily recognize your food

The free to download food photo app can recognize your food to simplify the calorie counting process.
Azumio Argus app

Argus integrates with Human API to allow import of data from other devices and...

Users can now share and unify health information generated outside the Argus app, including food diaries, fitness activities, sleep, heart rate and more.
Azumio - Nitric Oxide Test Strip Reader

Azumio’s Argus app updated with Nitric Oxide Test Strip Reader

Users are now able to quantify nitric oxide levels, monitoring the vital bioactive that maintains healthy blood pressure and increases athletic endurance.
Argus Azumio

Stanford researchers to examine health and fitness data from 5M Azumio users

Sponsored by NIH, the study will measure how specific social behavior, activities and exercises correlate with the body mass index (BMI).

Azumio’s Argus is touted as the first all-in-one health and fitness App

Featuring video guided workouts, a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer and social community, the app motivates people to meet their lifestyle goals.