Apple, VA to let vets access their health records on their iPhones

Apple Health Records

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is reportedly working with Apple to build software that will provide vets with easier access to their electronic health records.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the tech giant would create a tool that allows vets to download health records directly to their iPhones, from where they would be able to link them to other apps that track prescriptions and provide different health-related services.

The two parties apparently began discussing the project in early 2017, and are still developing it. However, it is unclear how far the project has progressed.

It is said that Dr. Bruce Moskowitz, who is one of President Trump’s informal associates, used his influence to push this deal forward.

“I think the number one priority with Apple will be to have what they are already working on, portable health records available to veterans,” Moskowitz told agency leaders last year in an email obtained by the WSJ.

Once the project is completed, Apple would gain access to medical data on some 9 million veterans, further propelling its efforts in the health IT / digital health market.

The WSJ report goes on to suggest that VA saw the tech’s potential to increase health data interoperability, which is a goal officials have long sought to achieve.