AppliedVR to provide veterans living with chronic lower back pain access to its VR-based...

The company was awarded the contract with the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, a division of the VA that discovers, evaluates, and spreads mission-driven innovations that advance care delivery for Veterans.
Podimetrics Mat

VA uses Podimetrics Mat to help reduce diabetic limb loss

The device uses thermographic monitoring of a patient's feet to identify early onset of diabetic foot ulcers, which can lead to limb loss if not detected early.
Apple VA health records

Apple officially announces Health Records feature for veterans

Once ready, it will let American veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration view their aggregated health records on their iPhone.
Apple Health Records

Apple, VA to let vets access their health records on their iPhones

The tech giant would create a tool that allows vets to download health records directly to their iPhones and link them to other health apps.
DeepMind homepage

VA teams-up with DeepMind to use AI to identify health risks for veterans

The partnership will focus on analyzing patterns from around 700,000 historical, de-personalized health records to develop machine learning algorithms.
Constant Therapy app

Constant Therapy app now available for free to veterans

The Learning Corp's app provides veterans suffering from brain injury with access to critical rehabilitation anytime, anywhere.
VA telehealth

VA unveils an appointment app, telehealth plans

The 'anywhere to anywhere' idea is to allow VA providers to provide telehealth services from anywhere in the country to veterans anywhere in the country.
Nuance - Epic

Nuance, Epic to use AI to make health IT more accessible for veterans

The collaboration has started with a hands-free virtual assistant that uses Nuance's AI technology together with Epic's EHR system.

VA to test self-care text messaging app

The application called Annie will be tested at four VA sites, including Washington, D.C.; Portland, Maine; Cleveland; and Minneapolis.
VA app

VA unveils provider-facing app

Called Patient Viewer, the application allows providers to access information contained in the VA's Vista electronic health record platform.