VA unveils an appointment app, telehealth plans

VA telehealth

Earlier this week, President Trump and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, MD introduced a new app called Veteran Appointment Request as part of the plan to build out telehealth tools and services for veterans, as well as make virtual care more accessible.

The VA is working alongside the American Office of Innovation to improve care transitions between the Defense Department and VA, enabling patients and families to compare quality and wait times, and ramping up their ability to choose which doctors to see.

“We’re launching the mobile app that will allow VA patients to schedule and change their appointments at VA facilities using their smartphones,” Trump said during a White House meeting in the Roosevelt Room. “This is something they were never able to do. Technology has given us this advantage.”

Shulkin added that the VA Video Connect offering — which has been in development and trials with more than 300 VA clinicians at 76 hospitals since the Obama administration — will be rolled out nationwide to enable doctors to treat patients regardless of geographic location.

“Working with the Office of American Innovation and the Department of Justice, we’re going to be issuing a regulation that allows our VA providers to provide telehealth services from anywhere in the country to veterans anywhere in the country, whether it’s in their homes or any location.” Shulkin said. “We call it ‘anywhere to anywhere’ VA healthcare. That’s a big deal.”

In addition to VA Video Connect and Veteran Appointment Request, VA’s own app store also includes ACT Coach Concussion Coach, CBT-I Coach, Ask a Pharmacist and Caring4WomenVeterans, among others.