OnMed launches its telemedicine station to diagnose patients and dispense prescription meds

OnMed kiosk

After six years of development, OnMed is launching the OnMed Station that provides patients with a virtual life-sized consultation with a physician and automated pharmaceutical services. This is also the result of OnMed’s private equity funding, enabling the company to scale worldwide.

An OnMed Station can be set up almost anywhere, bringing health care via high definition video and audio to patients at large workplaces or public spaces. This makes a real-time, virtual consultation with a doctor very convenient for a busy patient. OnMed uses advanced technology — including thermal imaging, ultraviolet sanitization and facial recognition — to create a safe and secure experience. The OnMed station even allows doctors to prescribe and dispense hundreds of common medications through a secure, automated vault, saving patients a trip to the pharmacy.

Features of the OnMed Station include:

  • Height, weight and BMI measurement
  • Dispensing hundreds of common medications
  • Thermal imaging to provide body temperature and diagnose infection
  • Readings of blood pressure, respiration and blood oxygen saturation
  • Audio and visual inspection of vitals in HD video and audio
  • Positive patient identification using 3D facial recognition
  • High-output ultraviolet surface and air sanitization to eliminate pathogens after every patient visit
  • Exam room protected by privacy glass
  • Live and life-size physician encounter
  • Option to securely transmit results to your primary care physician
  • Ability to provide paper prescriptions, e-prescriptions to preferred pharmacies, referrals and self-service lab kits for diagnostic testing

“When it comes to delivering a comprehensive doctor/patient encounter via telemedicine, sometimes our phone just isn’t the answer,” Austin White, founding partner and CEO of OnMed, said in a statement. “We need the accuracy provided by a live face-to-face visit using the latest diagnostic tools, and the ability to receive medication all in one sitting. This is what we’re doing with OnMed. Our disruptive healthcare technology is turning telemedicine into something that can actually bridge the gaps in our current healthcare system and improve access, cost and quality of care.”

Seven out of 10 emergency room visits are unnecessary as Americans visit the ER for basic health needs, resulting in billions of wasted dollars and thousands of wasted hours in wait times. With an OnMed station, health care systems can direct patients to receive immediate care for non-emergency health care needs, bypassing the ER altogether and freeing up resources.

The OnMed Station design is patented domestically and internationally. In addition to hospitals, OnMed is prepared to deploy stations in colleges, airports, hotels, large private employers and other locations in the U.S. and globally. These units will be placed during this year.