Ava bracelet

Ava to launch a clinical trial evaluating effectiveness of its fertility tracking bracelet in...

Data analysis from earlier COVI-GAPP pilot study shows Ava's algorithm accurately detected 71% of COVID-19 positive infections two days prior to symptom onset.
Ava Bracelet

Ava unveils first results of clinical trials proving its technology works

The study has shown correlation between pulse rate and identification of a woman's fertile window; the company also announced new updates for its mobile app.
Ava funding

Ava raises $2.6M seed round for its fertility tracking device

Ava's sensor bracelet is designed to be worn at night, offering key cycle health information that precisely predict fertile days and ovulation in advance.
Ava bracelet

Ava bracelet wants to help women conceive

The wrist-worn device collects hormonal and other data to show a women the days of the month she is most likely to get pregnant.