MOCACARE unveils MOCACuff, a connected blood pressure cuff

The device is dubbed easy and comfortable to use, featuring a screen that displays pulse rate, systolic and diastolic measurements, and more.
MOCAheart leather keychain

MOCACARE’s MOCAheart gets new colors, accessories

MOCAheart will be available in Pink, Green, Yellow and Platinum; also it will get two new accessories - a leather keychain and a smartphone case.
MOCAheart cardiovascular health monitor

MOCAheart cardiovascular health monitor now available for purchase

The solution combines thumb scans with sophisticated algorithms that measure blood flow and velocity to determine heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
MOCAheart consumer health monitor

MOCACARE raises $4M for its MOCAheart consumer health monitor

The device is set to ship in September, providing users with an easy way to monitor their cardiovascular health, without the need for cuffs or monitors.
Portable heart tracker MOCAheart

Portable heart tracker MOCAheart raising funds at Kickstarter

The ultra-slim device measures blood-pressure related vital signs; working with an accompanying mobile app, it keeps users connected to their loved ones.