Portable heart tracker MOCAheart raising funds at Kickstarter

Portable heart tracker MOCAheart

MOCAheart is a novel, ultra-slim, portable health tracker designed for monitoring and sharing user’s heart and vascular health measurements. Working with an accompanying app, the device — which BTW Is made out of medical grade materials — can keep user’s social circles informed about their health status.

MOCAheart can be attached to the special MOCA phone case or keychain, providing quick diagnosis while on the go. The user places one finger from each hand on MOCAheart: one covering the light sensor, and the other touching anywhere on the top of the device, and see the results appearing in just seconds.

MOCAheart is up for pre-order for $119 through Kickstarter.These results include MOCA INDEX, which is described as a “revolutionary index related to blood pressure with actionable recommendations any moment your measurements are out of range.”

The MOCAheart app records locations, weather, and allows user to add customized notes alongside each measurement. The application builds around a messaging interface to notify close contacts of user’s current health status. Initially, it will be an iOS exclusive app with HealthKit support, while the Android version will be released in the near future.

MOCAheart is still not available though; it’s currently in the pre-order phase, raising some $100,000 through Kickstarter. A single unit could be had for $119, with deliveries starting in April 2015.