NeuroMetrix Quell 2.0

NeuroMetrix unveils Quell 2.0, its next-gen wearable pain relief device

The new device is smarter, 20% more powerful and 50% smaller; also, the companion app has been revamped from the ground up.

Next-gen Quell wearable pain relief device clears the FCC

The new model will be available in March, featuring extended battery life, advanced sleep tracking, and the ability to control Quell from a mobile app.
Quell pain relief device

Wearable pain relief device Quell now available for purchase

Worn just below the knee, Quell utilizes NeuroMetrix's patented, non-invasive nerve stimulation technology to provide drug-free chronic pain relief.
NeuroMetrix unveils Quell wearable pain relief technology

NeuroMetrix unveils Quell wearable pain relief technology

Relying on a proprietary non-invasive neuro-stimulation technology, the lightweight device is designed to be worn during the day and at night.