The digital diabetes care market forecast

Research2Guidance: The digital diabetes care to reach $1.5B in 2024

This year, it is expected to exceed $742M, growing at an average CAGR of 50% annually.
mHealth Economics 2017

mHealth Economics 2017: 325,000 mobile health apps available in 2017

Over 2,400 mHealth app developers and healthcare professionals shared market and business insights, and contributed to Research2Guidance's annual report.
research2guidance chart

5 reasons why digital health startups and accelerators struggle to connect

The fault is on both sides, according to the research firm Research2Guidance.
research2guidance - study

research2guidance’s preliminary results: insurers could be a great distribution channel for mHealth app

Insurers are the second highest market potential as a distribution channel (50%), behind app stores (61%), but ahead of hospitals (38%) and doctors (42%).
Research2Guidance survey

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App Stores Will Be The Number One Distribution Channel for mHealth Apps

App stores to remain the #1 distribution channel for mHealth apps until at least...

In comparison, distribution through other channels, such as via doctors, hospitals or pharmacies are increasingly seen to be weaker channels.
mHealth app market

mHealth app market to reach $31B by 2020

However, the vast majority of mHealth app publishers have not yet been able to generate significant revenues with their apps.
mHealth research in the EU

91% of Danish doctors use electronic medical data exchange

According to a survey conducted by research2guidance and HIMSS Europe, Denmark is a place with the best market pre-requisites needed for an mHealth business.
Drivers and barriers that will shape the mHealth app market in the next 5 years

Drivers and barriers that will shape the mHealth app market in the next 5...

Smartphone penetration and user demand are main factors of the mHealth app market growth; lack of data security and standards are causing uncertainties.
6 distinct mHealth app publisher segments

These are the 6 distinct mHealth app publisher segments

Saud segments include established healthcare players, app specialists, helpers, medical specialists, fitness specialists, and connecters.