LifeTrak ZOOM

LifeTrak ZOOM is touted as the only amphibious fitness tracker

Thanks to the innovative flexwear technology, the wearable device provides continuous heart rate monitoring both in water and on land.
Salutron LifeTrak BRITE R450

Salutron announces LifeTrak BRITE R450, its smartest activity tracker to date

The device goes beyond basic step counting and sleep tracking to include heart rate monitor, and few other bells and whistles we haven't seen before.
LifeTrak Zone C410

LifeTrak Zone C410 review: Great value for money activity tracker

The C410 will have hard time winning a beauty contest, but it's a water-proof device that comes with a battery that can last for one year.
LifeTrak Core C210

Salutron adds LifeTrak Core C210 to its activity tracker portfolio

The $69 wrist band is one of the most affordable fitness bands on the market; it can track sleep, heart rate, calories, steps and distance.
LifeTrak app

Salutron unveils new LifeTrak app to track one’s fitness activities

LifeTrak app syncs with the compatible LifeTrak devices to give users a "deeper understanding" of their activity, sleep patterns and overall well-being.