NeuroCog app

NeuroCog Trials gets $1.4M grant from the National Institute on Aging

The company will use the funds to further validate its iPad-based BAC app for use as a screening tool for cognitive decline in age-related CNS disorders.
Lively Wearable

Lively Wearable by GreatCall is activity tracker for active aging

The device pairs with an iOS or Android smartphone to enable the service that GreatCall says fits the needs of both the older adult and the family caregiver.

Hometeam gets $27.5M for its mobile-enabled senior care service

The company provides families expert caregiver matching, iPads preloaded with their own software, and a care team to promote healthy and active days.

GreatCall acquires Lively to support its active aging tech

Founded in 2012, Lively developed a safety watch and a system of passive activity sensors to alert family members and share daily routines.
HealthGAINS Virtual Wellness Portal

HealthGAINS launches telehealth portal for age optimization

Patients who are invited to join the portal can access it and engage in live video conferencing from their computers, tablets, or other mobile devices.
Penrose Senior Care Auditors

Penrose Senior Care Auditors make assisted living oversight easy, mobile

The Uber-esque app provides an easy way for families to hire professionals to check on their seniors in assisted living communities and report back to them.

San Francisco startup looking to decode longevity

By crowdsourcing scientific data across the world, Igantia plans to decode human longevity by examining the biological clocks inherent to women.