WellDoc validates potential of BlueStar to reduce healthcare costs

The company worked with Truven Health Analytics to show that BlueStar can save on average a range of $254 to $271 per user per month.

BCBSA, Onduo team-up on three state pilot programs to address diabetes

The pilot program members will be matched with wireless glucose monitors, mobile apps, lifestyle support and team of healthcare experts.
Alexa Diabetes Challenge Winner

Wellpepper’s Sugarpod wins Alexa Diabetes Challenge

Sugarpod is a concept for an interactive diabetes care plan solution that provides tailored tasks based on patient preferences.
One Drop diabetes management service

Innovation Health, Sanofi tap One Drop and Gocap for a diabetes pilot program

The goal of the pilot program is for pharmaceutical companies, technology companies and plan providers to work more closely together...
Dexcom API

DexCom launches an API to make CGM data available to developers

Among the companies that have already integrated the API are One Drop, Nutrino, Tidepool, Rimidi, Evidation, Ensa and App Practice.
Diabeto device and app

Livongo acquires Diabeto to enable universal diabetes meter connectivity

Diabeto's technology makes it easier for people with diabetes to upload their blood glucose readings into Diabeto enabled systems, including Livongo's apps.
Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit, Dexcom to make glucose readings visible on the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch

The companies are targeting availability as soon as possible in 2018 and will continue to explore opportunities to help people better manage their diabetes.

Senseonics, TypeZero and Roche Diabetes Care team-up to trial a long-term artificial pancreas system

The trial will integrate Senseonics' Eversense CGM System with TypeZero's inControl AP algorithms and Roche's Accu-Chek Insight Insulin Pump.
Livongo Family Care Plan

Livongo launches direct-to-consumer diabetes management program

Previously Livongo's service was offered only through employers, health providers, and health plans; Livongo Family Care Plan changes that.
iSage Rx

Amalgam Rx’s iSage Rx is the first FDA-cleared app for titration of all brands...

iSage allows physicians to choose from multiple clinically-validated basal insulin algorithms and tailor the algorithms to the patient needs.