Livongo Family Care Plan

Livongo launches direct-to-consumer diabetes management program

Previously Livongo's service was offered only through employers, health providers, and health plans; Livongo Family Care Plan changes that.
iSage Rx

Amalgam Rx’s iSage Rx is the first FDA-cleared app for titration of all brands...

iSage allows physicians to choose from multiple clinically-validated basal insulin algorithms and tailor the algorithms to the patient needs.
Fit4D certified diabetes educator

Fit4D teams-up with Humana, Glooko to add health coaching support for diabetes patients

The company uses certified diabetes educators (CDE) to reach users via phone calls, texts, emails and other mediums.
BlueStar C app

WellDoc’s diabetes management app BlueStar C coming to Samsung Health

BlueStar C is a diabetes health tool designed to aid individuals living with diabetes in managing their chronic condition.
Bluestar diabetes coaching app

WellDoc, HTAA team-up to address diabetes in trucking industry

WellDoc has also unveiled its consumer diabetes health app, BlueStar C, to aid individuals living with diabetes manage their chronic condition.
Jovia Coach

Philips’ Jovia Coach app aims to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes

The program supports participants to adopt the dietary, lifestyle and exercise habits aiming to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Glooko app

Novo Nordisk, Glooko to jointly develop digital health solutions for people with diabetes

The non-exclusive collaboration will combine Novo Nordisk's deep knowledge of diabetes with Glooko's digital platform and data analytics expertise.

This wearable can painlessly measure glucose and lactic acid levels

The device called K'Track has a special sensor unit with array of tiny micro-needles that penetrate the topmost layer of skin to analyze the interstitial fluid.
BlueStar app

WellDoc, AADE team-up to enhance the BlueStar Digital Therapeutic Platform

This is the first time AADE has partnered with an organization to provide its curriculum in a consumer-friendly digital format.
Medtronic integrates with Fitbit

Medtronic to integrate Fitbit data to simplify diabetes management

New iPro2 myLog app collects data from CGMs and Fitbit activity trackers to provides meaningful insights on how exercise impacts glucose levels.