hearing aid

5 Recent Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

As hearing aid technology advances, users are getting more alternatives to interact with their electronic devices, improving hearing health...
Eargo 5

Eargo 5 Hearing Aid launched with Sound Match technology

The medical-grade, FDA Class II exempt hearing device is customizable by the user to their hearing preferences through all-new Sound Match technology.
Apple Hearing Study

Apple shares new insights on hearing health from its Hearing Study

The company is sharing new data from thousands of participants across the US in an effort to help people better understand their hearing health.
Android 10 hearing aid connection

Android 10 gets support for direct streaming to hearing aids

Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids on Bluetooth LE Connection-Oriented Channels was developed by Google in collaboration with GN Hearing and Cochlear.
UnitedHealthcare Hearing

UnitedHealthcare Hearing offers improved access to affordable, quality hearing healthcare

New business unit to help meet the hearing health needs of people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare individual, employer-sponsored and Medicare Advantage plans.
Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is the category-first “Made for iPhone” product

The device lets people stream sound directly from their iPhones, as well as control, monitor and customize their hearing from the companion app.
Halo 2 for iPhone

Starkey unveils updated version of its iPhone-connected hearing aid

The device and companion app provides ultra high-definition audio experiences, allowing patients to stay connected to the people and things they love most.
Doppler Here

Doppler Labs raise $17M Series B for its hearing tech

Founded by Noah Kraft and angel investor Fritz Lanman in 2013, the company promises to change the way we hear the world around us.

Eargo launches its virtually invisible hearing aid

Combining high-end consumer electronics aesthetics with medical device engineering in a tiny packaging, Eargo can be hidden entirely inside the ear.
Siemens smart hearing aids

Siemens unveils smart hearing aids at CES

Controlled via iPhone and Android devices, Siemens' devices are clinically proven to outperform people with normal hearing in background noise.