Bayer, Sidekick to provide digital therapy program for PAD patients

Sidekick develops gamified digital therapeutic solutions and programs, designed to transform chronic disease management across multiple therapeutic areas.
Eko unveils second generation of its CORE smart stethoscope

Eko unveils the second generation of its CORE smart stethoscope

The redesigned Eko CORE boasts active noise cancellation, sleeker design, and powerful software to allow for more effective screening for heart disease.

iRhythm, Verily to develop health management solutions for Atrial Fibrillation patients

The two companies aim to collaborate on solutions providing early warnings, enabling the identification of patients that could otherwise go undiagnosed.
Omron Healthcare Product Family

Omron unveils a real blood-pressure smartwatch

The company has also unveiled the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG, the first single at-home device in the U.S. that measures blood pressure and EKG.
MyGeneRank app

Scripps’ ResearchKit-based study looks at how genetic risk influences heart health decisions

Called MyGeneRank, the app allows users with genetic data from 23andMe to obtain an estimated genetic risk score for coronary artery disease.
Kardia Mobile with Phone

AliveCor, Mayo Clinic to use AI to help prevent sudden cardiac death

The two parties have teamed-up to develop tools for medical and non-medical personnel to easily screen for congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS) early.
AliveCor fingers Kardia - iPhone

AliveCor unveils AI-enabled, stroke-preventing platform for doctors, raises $30M

The platform is designed to help doctors monitor patients for the early detection of atrial fibrillation, which is the most common cardiac arrhythmia.
Q Heart

Medical wearable maker Quanttus unveils a blood pressure tracking app

Called Q Heart, the application allows users to manually enter blood pressure readings or sync them from Apple's HealthKit, take notes and get trends.
MyCareLink Smart Monitor

Medtronic’s app-based remote monitoring system for pacemakers comes to Canada

MyCareLink Smart Monitor is comprised of a handheld portable device reader and the MyCareLink Smart mobile app, that works on iOS and Android devices.

WIWE is a small device that helps prevent a stroke

The device-mobile app system records ECG, and can also measure Blood Oxygen Level and Heart Rate, as well as function as a pedometer.