Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings’ new premium feature helps users control their high blood pressure

The Hy-Result algorithm analyzes blood pressure data from in-home monitors to provide users with personalized assessments of their cardiovascular health.
Welltok CafeWell platform

AHA, IBM Watson Health and Welltok to bring heart health management to the new...

Partners will develop the solution that combines AHA's science-based metrics with cognitive analytics, delivered on Welltok's health optimization platform.
heart failure app

An app launches to support people living with heart failure

The app makes it easy for patients to track their symptoms, sodium intake, vital sign, moods, and sync with other apps and devices like Fitbit and Jawbone.
myZIO app

iRhythm’s new iOS app enables patients to report irregular heartbeat symptoms

The application also provides reminders and education, answering common questions and offering recommendations on the use of the ZIO Patch.
MyCareLink Smart Monitor

Medtronic’s app-based remote monitoring system for pacemakers clears the FDA hurdle

The company is also announcing the U.S. product availability allowing patients to use own mobile devices to transmit data from their pacemakers to physicians.
Google Life Sciences, AHA team-up to research coronary heart disease

Google Life Sciences, AHA team-up to research coronary heart disease

The two parties are looking to bring new, unconventional thinking to understand, prevent, and reverse coronary heart disease and its consequences.