By waiving Medicare restrictions, new telemedicine bill could save $1.8B

The bill was supported by a coalition of 6 senators and 3 representatives, as well as a number of other industry groups, health systems and tech vendors.

Organizations asking Congress to boost support for mHealth

A dozen organizations are asking for approval of the so called "bridge" legislation that would allow providers to use telemedicine during the transition period.

New bill looking to allowing telehealth across state lines for Medicare physicians

Each physician would already have to be a Medicare approved, but would be able to provide their specialty services to patients within other states.

Missouri is the first state to fund a telehealth program

Missouri Telehealth Network received $1.5M to create the Show-Me Extension for Community Health Outcomes program, offering training for specialized treatments.
Invisible Trial System

St. Jude Medical receives CE mark for its wireless neuromodulation trial system

The new Invisible Trial System is designed to help chronic pain patients better assess the effect of spinal cord stimulation therapy prior to permanent implant.
Tourists wearing masks to prevent themselves from contracting Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) arrive at the Incheon International Airport in Incheon

South Korea to track mobile phones to prevent MERS spread

As of Sunday, over 2,300 people in the country were under quarantine, some in health care facilities but most at home.
judge hammer

Federal judge sides with Teladoc in Texas telemedicine case

Teladoc noted this is the sixth time in the past four years that the courts have sided with the company in their battle with the Texas Medical Board.
Veterans Affairs

New bill to expand telemedicine to veterans

Veterans will no longer be required to travel to a VA facility, and can receive telemedicine treatment from anywhere, including their home or a community center.
ATA releases new state report cards on telemedicine

ATA releases new state report cards on telemedicine

The two critical state policy reports identify gaps in coverage and reimbursement, and physician practice standards and licensure.
Teladoc home

Teladoc sues Texas Medical Board over telemedicine rules

The company has filed an antitrust case to prevent a new rule from taking effect that would restrict the practice of telehealth.