EB Sport Group’s SYNC Burn and Elite can sing along MapMyFitness apps

EB Sport Group introduced a new line of connected fitness devices named SYNC. From simple, easy-to-use activity trackers to GPS watches to heart rate straps to sophisticated 24-hour calorie-burn counting fitness bands, SYNC wants to support an array of fitness activities, while offering seamless MapMyFitness integration.

Fitness band SYNC Burn and activity tracker SYNC Elite are the first two products to debut, hitting major retail stores such as Sports Authority, Best Buy and Big 5.

The first of the two blends a person’s ECG accurate heart rate along with their intensity of motion to calculate a truer 24-hour read. This process enables SYNC to capture accurate caloric burn rates during various levels of physical activities as well as sedentary time periods.

The SYNC Elite, on the other hand, is made to capture all day motion data. These kinds of products are made to track core metrics like distance, steps, speed, and calculate calories burned to provide a detailed snapshot of a person’s daily motion.

Unlike other similar products, the sleek SYNC series captures daily activities that can be viewed both on the devices themselves or easily uploaded to MapMyFitness. Through the MapMyFitness platform, users can view, track and share their fitness progress, creating an environment that constantly encourages, challenges and inspires.