A new app helps Android users manage stress through breath training exercises

Breathe & Relax: Manage Stress

Traumatology Institute unveiled a new Android app called Breathe & Relax: Manage Stress, which helps users better manage their stress through breath training exercises.

Similar (or same) to the company’s existing Breathe 911 iOS app, it was designed to help users recapture feelings of comfort and calm anytime and anyplace, leaving you feel relaxed and better able to handle the demands of daily life.

As we all know, stress can come from any number of sources, including work, family demands, studying or even one’s social life. Consistent stress can cause many health problems such as blood pressure, hypertension, stress headaches, weight gain, and so on.

With these breathing exercises, users will be able to get a greater sense of calm and relaxation. Unlike the mentioned iOS which costs 99 cents, this Android app is free to download.

Breathe & Relax: Manage Stress (FREE) [Google Play Store]