Stressed Out app is made to monitor and maintain calmness and focus

Stressed Out app

Stress levels and related conditions are on the increase. A smartphone can be a powerful tool to cope with this condition, and an app called Stressed Out is made to help.

Available for $1.99 from Apple’s AppStore, the application lets users begin to take control of their reactions and stress triggers by monitoring them and becoming aware of them earlier.

Relying on iPhone’s built-in camera, Stressed out estimates autonomic control of the heart and parasympathetic control to assess the users stress level under different situations. The app can then compare different events and their impact on the user’s physiology and wellbeing including stress assessment, heart rate, activity and location tracking, noise level, mood tracking, stress tests and more.

The latest version (2.2) of Stressed Out includes the latest tweaks including a Stress Journal to track when the user may be in stressful situations, stress and relaxation tests to get a personal calibration of the individual user, data export and new for the iPhone 5S – activity tracking before the test…