GenieMD for iOS 6.0 gets new UI, support for more devices and BlueButton integration

The GenieMD iOS app is now in version 6.0, featuring a revamped layout and a number of new features.

First, there’s integration with the iHealth wearable devices and expanded number and types of connected devices GenieMD users can now sync to their health records.

Second, this release comes with the ability to create Care Circles for family caregivers. Members of these Circles can benefit from secure messaging, post requests to the group, access a shared calendar, and receive notifications about the care recipient.

Finally, with thanks to the “general availability” of BlueButton implementation, user can give a direct email address to their doctors, or other data holders supporting the BlueButton initiative, to securely receive electronic copies of their health records. GenieMD on its end will store copies of these records and parse the data, combining it with data from other sources to create a comprehensive health record for the user…