Jawbone UP24 now compatible with Android

Jawbone UP24 now compatible with Android

For one reason or another, up until this point Jawbone UP24 was only working with iPhones. That changes today with the Android app hitting the Google Play Store, allowing owners of smartphones with Google’s mobile OS to join the party.

The UP24, for those who missed it, is a fancy-lookin’ $149 wrist-band that will track your physical activity and sleep patterns, while also allowing you to set alarms and reminders to get you to move. In addition, you can also use the app to log your food and drink intake, and get useful tips on how to improve your well-being.

If the app’s availability on Android was a limiting factor before, that’s no longer the case. Feel free to join the ride and have all your fitness-based activities and calorie consumption summed up…

Jawbone UP24 (FREE) [Google Play Store]

Jawbone Introduces UP24 for Android Users

UP 3.0 for Android Now Available on Google Play

SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2014 – Jawbone today announced that its popular lifestyle tracker, UP24 and accompanying UP App, are now available for Android users. UP24 is a wristband, app and data system that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make choices to live better.

“We believe that helping people understand the context and meaning of their data is key in helping to make sustained behavior changes. Through our investment in data science we have been able to provide personalized insights to help nudge people to meet their sleep or activity goals. Now with the launch of UP24 on Android, our entire community can enjoy the benefits of these insights in real-time, with continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help them achieve their goals,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy for Jawbone. “Android users have been incredibly active in the UP community, and we’re thrilled to bring UP24 to the Android platform.”

UP and UP24 fit effortlessly into the way you live to help you understand how you sleep, move, eat and feel, and how those activities affect one another. As the newest member of the UP family, UP24 lets you wirelessly sync data collected from your band to the UP 3.0 App for Android via Bluetooth Smart.

The UP app for Android delivers insights, which encourage and motivate you to take small steps that can turn into long-term progress. And now with Bluetooth 4.0 syncing, you can also receive continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help you achieve your goals.

UP24 features the sophisticated form factor and technology that UP users love for 24/7 wear – a smooth, hypoallergenic, medical-grade rubber exterior that features a new, stylish textural design that’s comfortable enough to wear throughout each day and night. The battery lasts 7 days, and the band can be charged with a USB power adapter via the included 2.5mm USB cable.

The UP by Jawbone 3.0 App for Android is available today in 12 languages as a free download on Google Play.