Jawbone’s new app tracks your caffeine addiction

UP Coffee

Jawbone launched a new app called Up Coffee that allows users to track how much caffeine they consume in coffee, soda, and other foods, while showing that intake will affect their sleep.

The home screen of the app shows a large beaker that fills up with beads as you log the caffeinated things you consume. The company made sure you can input just about anything, from basic sodas to fancy frappuccinos, and it will know whether there’s caffeine in your drink/food or not. You will also see the beaker deteriorating in real time as caffeine leaves your body. The information from Up Coffee will then feed into Insight Reports that will be available on the update to the Up app released in the coming weeks.

Jawbone has put-in some extra efforts to collect information from Up users about sleep and the common behaviors surrounding sleep. Coffee, is obviously, an important part of one’s “sleeping habits.”

The company’s idea is to differentiate its Up product from any number of competing wrist bands. Jawbone, as far as we know, is the first fitness tracking firm to “seriously” include caffeine intake to the mix. And we can’t but applaud their efforts since coffee is an important piece of the sleep tracking puzzle.

Speaking of which [sleeping], Jawbone has recently ran a sleep-related challenge, which proved a success. Those who opted into the commitment logged 23 more minutes of sleep than average and were 72% more likely to go to bed early and hit their sleep goal. Lovely, isn’t it. 😉

Up Coffee (FREE) [iTunes link]