Jawbone teams-up with Automatic to help users drive less, walk more

Jawbone teams-up with Automatic

It is said that nearly 80% of all drives are under two miles, short enough that every now and then you could walk instead. To help you do that, Jawbone is teaming-up with smart driving assistant Automatic to give drivers insight into how their physical activity and driving patterns are connected.

Automatic users who also happen to own a Jawbone UP band can now make their drives appear in the UP app along with their physical activity. Tapping on the drive icon could show how many steps you could have logged if you’d walked instead.

Don’t drive the short distance! Walk, instead. That’s the point of the Automatic+Jawbone integration.“This is an exciting integration for us because it was developed at one of our Codeathon events in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, Tumblr, and Ace Hotel,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “It demonstrates the ability of our app to easily connect and exchange information with a wide range of other apps and services that complement your UP experience. By integrating with Automatic, the UP community can better understand how the moments spent in the car might impact their health.”

The best part is that once Automatic is connected with Jawbone UP, drive data is synced automatically, allowing users to see their walking and driving in one place, with the ability to share the newly created trip summaries with other Jawbone UP users.

Jawbone teams-up with Automatic to help users drive less, walk more

The Automatic+Jawbone integration works on both iOS and Android, and the UP users can add Automatic from the Jawbone App gallery.