MediSafe 3.0 released to allow doctors to prescribe medication directly through the app

MediSafe 3.0

MediSafe launched version 3.0 of its iOS and Android apps, which not only has a brand new user interface but also adds new features to the mix like “automatic prescriptions” with take-as-directed instructions sent directly to patients through the app.

MediSafe 3.0 comes with a revamped UI and new features, including “automatic prescriptions” which makes it easy for doctors to send take-as directed medication instructions to patients.By sending an email to, doctors can invite patients to download the app pre-installed with their medications and optional information such as dosage, the doctor’s ID and how to take medications with or without food. MediSafe already gives users the ability to connect with physicians in between visits by exporting their data how and when they take their meds via email. With the new feature, physicians gain the ability to initiate contact with patients outside the office for the first time, strengthening aftercare protocols and results.

In addition, MediSafe 3.0 also comes with upgrade “Med Cabinet” for all medications which now includes users’ regularly scheduled meds.

MediSafe has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and reminded users to take over 30 million doses.MediSafe has been downloaded for free in Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store over 500,000 times, reminded users to take over 30 million doses, and been viewed by users over 45 million times. Its users have an average medication adherence rate of 86%, compared to the 50% average adherence figure for the general population cited by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).