Endomondo’s iOS app gets Pebble integration, Android to be added soon

Endomondo's iOS app gets Pebble integration, Android to be added soon

Endomondo has updated its iOS app to make it to sing along the Pebble smart watch, allowing users to start, pause or stop a workout while exercising. The Pebble app can also display up to three configurable data metrics, such as distance traveled, heart rate and workout duration; while also sending you vibrating alerts to the wrist for each mile, kilometer or lap completed along with brief performance summary for the distance.

Endomondo’s app for Pebble syncs with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Updated Android app will be out “later this year” to enable the same capability. According to the company’s CEO Mette Lykke, it is part of Endomondo’s journey towards offering users a “convenient and connected experience across popular wearable devices.”

Pebble aside, the fitness tracking app also integrates with Fitbit with “another exciting integration” to be added soon. At the end of the day, Endomondo’s goal is to be a “leading companion app for fitness fans” and it’s only natural to develop the service to support new wearable technology entering the market.