Proteus Digital Health’s Series G round of funding reaches over $172 million

Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Digital Health has completed a second closing of its Series G financing, raising over $172 million and adding additional respected institutional investors. This latest round of growth equity “solidifies Proteus’ leadership in digital health.”

Proteus Digital Health makes “digital medicines,” which integrate medicines with ingestible, wearable, mobile and cloud computing.On June 2, the company announced the first part of this funding series with $120 million from new major institutional investors based in the United States, Europe and Asia. The funding will enable the company to advance the manufacturing and commercialization of digital medicines.

“Investor confidence in Proteus is driven by customer excitement, our superior board and leadership team and a unique technology platform that enables us to link one of the most valuable industries of the 20th century – pharmaceuticals – to the most important utility of the 21st: the mobile internet,” said Andrew Thompson, President and CEO of Proteus Digital Health.

Proteus Digital Health is creating a new category of products, services and data systems that promise to improve the effectiveness of existing pharmaceutical treatments. Called digital medicines, these new pharmaceuticals integrate medicines with ingestible, wearable, mobile and cloud computing and deliver solutions that enable patients, their families and physicians to make better decisions about health.